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World-Leading Body Cast Sculptor Louise Giblin Launches Sensational Exhibition Featuring Celebrities, Olympians & War Veterans

Louise Giblin, a world-leading and Olympic body cast sculptor, will be unveiling extraordinary new sculptures of celebrities and war veterans at Gallery DIFFERENT, London from the 7th – 15th November 2014. 

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Louise Giblin, a world-leading and Olympic body cast sculptor, will be unveiling extraordinary new sculptures of celebrities and war veterans at Gallery DIFFERENT, London from the 7th – 15th November 2014.

The exhibition entitled Living Legends / Lest We Forget will feature a beautiful and very poignant collection of work including head casts of Michael Portillo, Duncan Goodhew MBE and Lord Colin Moynihan, a body cast sculpture of ski racer and anti-landmine campaigner Heather Mills and hand casts of 10 War Veterans who each served in different post-WWI wars. Louise and several of the models for the show will be available to interview at the press preview on Thursday 6th November.

Other notables Louise has cast and will be exhibiting in the show include Soul singer, Reuben Richards, Dancing on Ice skater, Daniel Whiston and Olympians Dame Kelly Holmes, Beth Tweddle MBE, Kriss Akabusi MBE and Sally Gunnell OBE.

The hand plaques of 10 serving and retired members of the British Military are cast in bronze and will last for over 3000 years, a very timely and physical reminder of their contributions in the centenary year of WWI, ‘the war to end all wars.’

Louise, a Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, has asked Heather Mills to open the show: “Heather’s been very supportive and interested in both projects. Not only is she an outstanding sportswoman but years of working with minefield clearance and providing prosthetics for 400,000 war victims amongst other things have given her insight and respect for what the veterans have experienced.”

Each of the models receives one of the limited edition of their sculpture. Sales of the Lest We Forget plaques support the Royal British Legion and Lords Taverners will benefit from Living Legend sales.

Members of the public are welcome to visit the gallery throughout the exhibition. There will be a special Commemoration opening 7-9pm on 11th November. Entry to the exhibition is free (ends)

Pictures supplied:

Michael Portillo’s head cast sculpture

Heather Mills skis down the front of her torso

Bronze Lest We Forget hand plaques

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