The Rise of Vampire Facials

The world of cosmetics and beauty has this year been hit by the emergence of vampire treatments.

Published May 13, 2016 by admin

WORDS: Veronica Pembleton

The world of cosmetics and beauty has this year been hit by the emergence of vampire treatments. A huge anti-ageing trend for 2016, we take a look at just what they are and how they work.

So Just What Is It?

Don’t worry vampire facelifts aren’t as scary as they sound, it is a procedure that gives you a non-surgical facelift, which use the natural components from your own body. The way it works is that the surgeon injects a solution in the chosen area on a persons face. The solution is made from fillers and plasma taken the patients blood. The natural filler element is platelet rich plasma, which assists in rejuvenating the skin as it stimulates the growth of collagen.

How Does It Work?

The treatment can be carried out in as quick of a time as 30 minutes. The clinician extracts a vile of your blood pre treatment and then they separate the platelets from the blood by spinning the blood. Following on from this, the blood is combined with fillers and is then injected back into the skin in the areas the person wants lifting (forehead, mouth, cheeks or even eyes). Recovery time for the procedure is quick as it usually only takes a few hours for any redness to disappear.

The Benefits

The reason why it has become so popular is due to the benefits it gives. It adored by anti-aging seekers and due to its being created from natural components, a big selling point is that as the ingredients used for the vampire facelift are natural, it also reduces the risk of your body rejecting the filler, as it is made from the patients own blood. There currently are no known side effects to the vampire facelift, so there is no risk when choosing to have the treatment.

If you are considering brightening up our face, a vampire facelift is not only effective, but it is much safer than traditional methods of anti-ageing and that combined with almost no recovery time needed is a big bonus.

The effectiveness of the procedure has lead to endorsements by many big names in entertainment, despite how new it is to the beauty market. With growing numbers of cosmetic surgery claims complaints, it is clear to see why people have a growing interest in a more natural approach.






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