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Lunchtime Respite – Ena Salon

Published Jun 19, 2014 by admin

Words: Rosie Roman

Sometimes, it’s difficult to balance the stresses of modern life. With early mornings, late nights, the dreaded daily commute, tight deadlines, social pressures and fast-paced, crowded environments, it’s a wonder why we don’t jump ship to Bora Bora… But the reality is we love London, so we deal with it by running away to the nearest beauty salon to make us feel a bit more human!

This week, I stumbled across Ena Salon, a stylish and eco-friendly delight at the heart of Holborn. Situated in an elegant Georgian townhouse, the salon offers a glorious range of hair and beauty services to cater for every possible need. With their dedication to sustainability and style so prominent in their ethos, you can sit back in your reclaimed hand-stitched leather arm chair and enjoy all the beautifying luxuries without impacting the environment.

After taking in the relaxing ambience and sipping my green tea (which was served in a glass teapot on a cute wooden saucer), I was led to the beauty room for my treatments. To get a feel for what the salon has to offer, I opted for the Luxury Beauty Package, minus the waxing treatment, which consisted of a Glorious Skin facial, Comfort Touch massage and a Classic manicure. Ena uses a range of products by [comfort zone], a leading Italian range of skincare and beauty products, which combines the best of science and nature and offers the ultimate spa experience. So, I was in for a lovely lunchtime treat!

First was the Comfort Touch massage, which is designed to relax and rebalance energy levels while alleviating muscular tension and stress. This it did! In 25 minutes, my weekly worries were banished to the depths of my mind, while I was physically and mentally rejuvenated to prepare me for the rest of the working week. The Glorious Skin facial treatment was next and uses a unique setting mask along with a serum, leaving the skin feeling smooth and firm. After my initial panic that I would have to return to the office makeup-free and blemishes uncovered, I allowed the therapist to use her wondrous hands on my face. And my face truly appreciated it! My skin felt refreshed and revitalised, after being at the forefront of an abundance of damaging toxins.

Finally, my treatment ended with the Classic manicure (a must after hours of daily tap-tapping away at my laptop), where my nails were polished to perfection. Then came the hardest decision of the afternoon: which of the 70 shades was I to have as my polish? (When in doubt girls, always opt for something nude and you won’t be disappointed!). Sadly, this meant that my Ena Salon experience was over and that it was time to resume my position in the working world. However, after the Luxury Beauty Package, I could continue with a spring in my step and beaming smile on my makeup-free face!

The Luxury Beauty Package is priced at £85, with services valued at £185.

Ena Salon

5 Great Queen Street, Holborn, London WC2B 5DG.

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