The Worst Skincare Advice Revealed

Have you ever taken some questionable skin advice from your family, friends or favourite online beauty guru?

Published Mar 23, 2016 by admin

Well, you’re not alone. A recent study conducted by Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic found almost a quarter of women in a survey of 500 had suffered a bad reaction following unqualified skin care advice.

With internet blogs and social media acting like a catalyst for quick tips and ‘life hacks’, many of us are falling foul after trying out so called miracle cures from questionable sources.

To find out just what’s going so wrong, we asked women what’s the worst skin care advice they’ve ever been given. The results definitely raised some eyebrows!
1 .“It’s natural, which means it’s good for you”

2. “Set your make up with hairspray”

3. “Soothe your skin with boiling hot steam”

4. “Rubbing toothpaste on spots will dry them out”

5. “Rubbing alcohol works as toner”

In their most recent blog post, Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic discuss why these tips are just so bad. It mainly comes down to one big thing…

“We’re all completely different. What works for one might not for another. Since we all have our own unique skin care needs, we should only be taking professional advice from people who truly understand. Whilst it can be tempting to take the quickest option, the tips we read online or take from friends can actually end up elongating the issue and leaving us with worse blemishes than what we started with!”

It’s safe to say that often we should take advice with a pinch of salt, especially when it comes to our own personal skin care.

For more professional skincare advice, visit www.skinandlaser.co.uk.


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