Firetrap introduces its Deadly AW15 collection

Firetrap, the rebellious and unruly denim fashion brand, launches its most overzealous campaign to date.

Published Nov 10, 2015 by admin

Firetrap, the rebellious and unruly denim fashion brand, launches its most overzealous campaign to date. Taking its inspiration from London’s sub cultures, Rock & Roll and adding a deadly twist, this is the iconic brands most impressive collection to date.

Immersing themselves into new areas within the fashion industry, Firetrap have released a new and exciting range of women’s underwear for the winter. With dark, sultry colours and a range of styles and cuts the new range creates comfort and sophistication for the fashion forward woman. The range is available in a variety of sizes and styles and retails at £15.00 for a bra and £11.00 for a pant.

Not only have they released a new range of underwear, they have also created a Sport Luxe range to add that urban edge to the collection. With leggings, crop tops, and embossed jumpers the range really explores the city feel to bring a new element to the brand.

Aside from the new products and ranges, Firetrap have fashioned up what they’re famous for; denim. The range features the classic Firetrap clean cut styles such as the men’s Koe Rom jean retailing at £60.00 and the women’s staple cuts such as the Naomi Skinny jean retailing at £32.00 and the everlasting tapered jean retailing at £20.00.

Famous for its creepy but thrilling TV ads, the brand is not going to disappoint this November. As the Creative Director explains: ‘It has been our aim to create a campaign that shocks the Firetrap customer, peaking their interest in something a bit riskier. The imagery is intense, sexy but seriously twisted.’

The deadly encounter between two lovers explodes into an intense and entrancing viewing experience. It’s the perfect awakening to introduce the collection ready for its release in November.

The Firetrap ranges will be released at the end of November, online and in store at and

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