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Tony Maleedy Hair, a company dedicated to creating high-quality treatments, using therapeutic and natural oils.

Trichologist Tony Maleedy has more than 25 years’ experience, was mentored by Philip Kingsley and is available for comment, advice and information on all hair care and scalp-related problems. “It is your scalp that mainly determines what your hair is like, whether it is dry or greasy, dull or shiny, thick or thin. Your scalp is the […]

Published Aug 7, 2017

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Published Jul 22, 2017

Travelling Tales: Why We Should All Vacay In Vancouver, BC

I’ve always wanted to travel but unless you live a flexible, carefree (and well-paid) life, it’s not often convenient to put your life on hold, pack a bag and jet set halfway across the world.

Published Jul 20, 2017

Travelling Foodies: A Guide To Eating Out In Vancouver

Deciding where to eat out in the Canadian city of Vancouver is like asking a child to choose their favourite sweet treat in a shop full of sweet treats; they’re all equally delicious in their own right and it’s much better to educate the taste buds than to stick to the same flavours (in my view, anyway).

Published Jul 14, 2017

Converse launches its shoe collaboration with Tyler the Creator

Adding to its heavy lineup of collaborations, Converse’s latest creation comes courtesy of Tyler the Creator. Launched today, the shoe is already sold out online. Tyler the Creator’s shoe for Converse is a redesign of the brand’s popular Converse One Star shoe. The rapper’s limited edition version features a bright orange sole, a white midsole […]

Published Jul 14, 2017

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