8 steps to a fool proof Valentine’s dinner date

With so many wonderful restaurants in London at our fingertips, dinner dates are considered a fairly fail-safe option for Valentine’s Day to woo our loved ones.

Published Feb 5, 2014 by admin

With so many wonderful restaurants in London at our fingertips, dinner dates are considered a fairly fail-safe option for Valentine’s Day to woo our loved ones. But Thierry Tomasin, who has worked in the capital’s restaurants every Valentine’s for 23 years, is keen to share his tips for romance as all too often he sees the most romantic night of the year become memorable, for the wrong reasons!

A Frenchman who prides himself on being a connoisseur when it comes to all things romantic, Thierry says; “I have seen many Valentine’s Days come and go over the years and I can tell you, I have pretty much seen it all. I wanted to share these pointers below, as they’re inspired by the most common things I see go wrong on dinner dates. They’re simple steps to follow but, if they’re stuck to, they should help your Valentine’s dinner run without incident.”

-Focus solely on your partner and make the meal all about them. Don’t let your eyes wander to the cuter eye candy or younger model on the nexttable. And don’t check your mobile phone to see if you’ve had a text from your ‘bit on the side’, keep it safe and turn off your phone.

-Swot up on your wine knowledge. Check out the wine list ahead of your meal and even call the restaurant beforehand so you can wow your otherhalf with your new found wine wisdom.

-Interact with your maître d’ when you arrive, this will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable and will also probably mean you receive better service. But then for the rest of the meal, of course focus solely on your dinner date.

-Sharing is caring. Select dishes on the menu that you can both enjoy and share, this can be very romantic and sensual. And gentlemen, always let the lady choose first and while she is considering her options, make sure you attentively listen to everything that she has to say.

-Use body language and be tactile to show how you feel. But, with your fellow diners in mind, please keep displays of affection above the table while you’re in the restaurant.

-Gentlemen, be chivalrous. I definitely don’t see this happen as much nowadays but it’s a sure way to impress the ladies, and it works every time.Open the door for her, stand up when she goes to the bathroom. She will love all of these gestures.

-If you aren’t dining with your spouse, but another of your love interests, I really would recommend that you avoid your ‘regular’ dining spot. You are at far greater risk of being caught out, for example by your spouse’s friends, your mutual friends, and even work colleagues. A momentary mistake like this can end up costing you everything.

-Most importantly, laugh and have fun! I sometimes see people who appear to take the whole matter of Valentine’s incredibly seriously. But this makes it so much harder to relax, so laugh and make your partner laugh, brush up on your joke repertoire if you need to, just make sure you giggle and have some fun.

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