Dublin weekend guide: Fade Street Social Gastro Bar

Fade Street Social Gastro Bar
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Published Nov 4, 2013 by admin

Words:Tomo Kembery @Tomokembery


“If food were free, why work?”

Dublin is one of my favourite places for a weekend trip. The city is filled with happiness, colour and a lot of Guinness! One thing that you really notice as you walk along the cobbled streets is the amount of restaurants the city has to offer! There is endless choice of where to go, what to choose and what to munch.


Friday night took us to Fade Street Social, one of Dublin’s super-cool dining experiences and to be more precise, an intimate sharing concept. Now I don’t normally share my food with anyone, but, after being told that this place had created a innovation of French-inspired tapas, i was sold.

Entering the restaurant, we were immediately greeted by friendly staff, who took out jackets and showed us to our table. You don’t need to book for the Gastro Bar, but we would advise that you do as this place was busy and buzzing. The endless hum of people chatting mixed in with light music and great smells gave the space a real good atmosphere, with the open kitchen taking centre stage. You have a choice of sitting at the light wooden tables or at the kitchen bar, where you can watch your food be prepared in front of your very eyes.


After being told by our waitress how the restaurant worked (like Wagamama, you order your dishes and they arrive when they are ready) we chose 3 dishes each and decided that we would share them between us; after all, this is a restaurant made for sharing and we prepared ourselves for a giant tasting experience! Hoping that our eyes were not going to be too big for our bellies, we ordered a couple of house cocktails, our favourites being Away With The Fairies and Strumpet City. The Gastro Bar offers a great range of cocktails, which are as tasty as the most tastiest thing on the planet, and well priced.


Food wise, we ordered the pea and ham house special, mini crab toasties with duck egg, Chinese pork belly, cod cheeks with carrot puree, pumpkin macaroni with parmesan, skinny fries with truffle mayonnaise and the rest I can’t remember because I think I may have had a too few many cocktails…….However, all the dishes were YUM! Using simple, fresh ingredients our mouths were treated to a never-ending delivery of flavour, exciting our pallets with a constant arrival of tiny plates. We were in food porn heaven!

This was then followed by a few more cocktails and some dessert porn in the shape of mini donuts and rice pudding 🙂 we were totally done! And at that point wanted to take off my clothes, stand on the table and announce to Fade Street Social that I was a naked chef and I loved it all!


Thank you for the wonderful food 🙂


If you are looking for a relaxed, trendy place in Dublin that serves ridiculously good food, then look no further Reader than Fade Street Social.


Fade Street Social also hosts an “A La Carte” restaurant next to the Gastro Bar, a large bar area upstairs as well as a terrace bar. So you have plenty of places to have a drink before or after your meal.

And we particularly loved the smashed plate chandelier! I am currently smashing plates as we speak to make my own 🙂



Opening hours

Lunch: Sat, Sun, Bank Holidays, Mon-1.00pm and running through dinner

Dinner: Everyday 5.00pm to 10.30pm





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