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A modern classic set to shake up the Vermouth market NEW…BELSAZAR Vermouth

Published Nov 11, 2014 by admin

Following its launch success in Berlin last year, BELSAZAR Vermouth is continuing its quest to redefine the way Vermouth is enjoyed by launching in the UK. The unique German Vermouth, with its distinctive botanical and herbaceous flavours, brings new character to cocktails, signature serves and cooking with Vermouth.

BELSAZAR Vermouth is handcrafted in the south of Baden at the edge of the Black Forest in Germany, where its four variants are made: Dry, Red, Rosé and White. The Vermouths are created with a blend of six wines flavoured with up to 20 different homegrown spices, herbs, peels and blossoms, including wormwood and small-batch fruit brandies. It’s the addition of the selected (some secret) Schladerer fruit brandies that enriches BELSAZAR Vermouths with a broad range of flavours that are blended to work harmoniously together.

Finished in stoneware casks to give our ingredients time to blend whilst preserving their freshness, complexity and balance. The Vermouths are aged over months with constant testing to complete their complex


Belsazar Dry has the fruity and floral taste and finishes with bitter aromatics ideal with light gourmet cuisine and classic, dry cocktails.

Belsazar Red embraces comforting vanilla sweetness with hints of dark caramel, matured cherries and spices. A strong partner in a dark and heavy classic cocktail.

Belsazar Rosé is a unique development in the field of Vermouth, zesty with fresh and light with tones of summer fruit acidity and vermouth’s typical bitter-sweetness harmonize perfectly.

Belsazar White has full-bodied sweetness and aromas of dried peach and oranges complimented by the vermouth bitter tone. It’s whole complexity unfolds when used in full-bodied cocktails or fresh long drinks on ice.

The intricacy of the Rose Vermouth can be unfurled with its suggested serve: with ice and tonic, which forms a refreshing and aromatic alternative to the G&T.

ABV: Dry-19%, White-18%, Rose-17.5%, Red- 18%

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