Ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Published Feb 23, 2015 by admin

Many of us will have started the New Year full of ambition and with resolutions to discard our bad habits. And for the first few weeks of January this can be a fairly easy and almost fun thing to do. By giving up alcohol, or cigarettes, or even implementing a new fitness regime, we can feel energised and almost like we’re a new person.

Unfortunately, by the time that February comes around, a lot of these old habits might be starting to make a comeback. Whether it’s the continued dark and cold days that lead us back to temptation and laziness, or even if its just our human nature to seek those creature comforts, whatever if it is there are a few important things to remember if you want to stay healthy and feeling good!


Something about cold months means that a lot of us will be seeking comfort in junk foods. Although many will be proclaiming the benefits of a hyper-nutritious juice diet, a glass full of cold spinach and carrot isn’t really going to cut it when you’ve been out in the sub-zero temperatures all day!

So the important thing here is to keep inventive with your recipes to stop yourself from living out of the freezer or the local takeaway. There’s a whole host of healthy and warming foods out there. Top American health guru Kris Carr has a great range of vegan-friendly recipes such as a roasted red pepper mac and cheese meal that offers all of the comfort but none of the junk!


It’s not surprising that many of our furry friends spend the winter in hibernation. After all it’s cold, the days are short and a lot of the time it can feel like there’s very little point in getting out of bed!

And getting a decent night’s sleep is so important to our being able to fight the winter blues. Not only does sleep help our immune systems, but it aids concentration, renews our skin, and will give you energy to face the day.

Good ways to maximise your sleeping time include avoiding caffeine four hours before your bedtime and making sure that you stay away from screens (that includes your phone!) in bed as this can interfere with the production of sleep-aiding melatonin.

It’s also a good idea to think about how your sleep patterns affect your daily routine. Recent sleep research shows that if you’re an early riser you’re more likely to achieve peak performance about midday. However, if you’re a night owl you’ll probably only just begin to shine as the sun is setting. All of this will govern how you likely you are to be able to concentrate, or just retreat in the direction of the biscuit barrel!


And finally, it’s the dreaded E-word: exercise. While it may feel like the very last thing you’ll want to do, going outside and getting the blood pumping is one of the best ways to feel good. It’ll keep you warm too!

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