YOUNG FILM MAKERS: PART 9 – Short Film Course at Raindance

Published Apr 28, 2017 by admin

Words: Tomo Kembery

Its that time again people, time for another film course! As my journey continues into the film industry and finding the best courses to hit up in London, this month I’m staying with Raindance film school and attending a 3 evening and shoot day film course.

Whether you’re looking to be the next Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarantino, you cant learn film with out making a film!! So let’s get to it! ACTION!


The course covers the full works when it comes to film making: from directing, camera operating, learning how to boss people around as an AD, sound, working with actors, casting actors, meeting actors and even making a film with actors! Not only was I about to learn all about these positions, but I was going to learn how to actually make a film from start to finish, which was great because at the end of the course, I would have made a film from start to finish! WOW! i was finally going to become a film maker.


Arriving for my first evening from 6pm start, it was straight into the class room and down to business. Firstly, we were introduced to our teachers Martin Gooch (a former camera op/ focus puller turn Director, turn film maker….turn teacher) I could feel we were in good hands when Martin announced that he had brought chocolate biscuits for the tea break. As I sat and listened to what was going on, I couldn’t help but notice the different types of people that attended the course. In the class of  only 9 (Normally 12), we pretty much had every type of person you could imagine; from an 20 year old who was thinking about studying film, to a 56 year old ex lorry driver who has decide to leave to pursue filming making again after a lost passion. one great thing i have noticed about Raindance short courses is that they are all evenings or weekends, plus very well priced which makes it achievable for the older film maker to follow their passion.

Over the next 2 evenings Martin went over all aspects of film making from how to raise money for a film, the shooting it, along with where t out it once shot…..i can tell you also of tea and biscuits was consumed in the basement of Raindance HQ these nights. Martin is indeed full of knowledge and humour.

With no time to waste, scripts were placed into our hands on day 3 where we met our actors and actresses, I was taken right away by actress Celia Alturas who when casting spoke about her dance background. it was the inspiration for the film i decided to shoot on the last day. Day 3 also included Martin talking to the class about shot set up, lighting, camera direction, as well as working with the actors. The class was broken down into groups and we had about an hour to break down our script to shoot some of the screens from it. I chose the first screen….as i always like to go first.

Take a breath…….Its the shoot day! it was finally time to put what we had learned into practice. Our groups took turns in shooting our different screens while each member worked a different position (Director, sound, lighting etc..etc…) it was a jolly fun day or creative energy and our actresses where fantastic to work with.

Im pretty sure ill be getting a phone call for my oscar in no time on my master piece 🙂

Overall, I felt this course was really fantastic and would recommend anyone who was thinking about getting into film to attend it. The course really does give you a good insight into all the aspects of film making. And from this point, you can decide what you want to do, or even take up a follow-up course.

Plus you get biscuits!!

On another note if your looking for funding then also attend the “Movie Money” course.


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